Monday, January 3, 2011


I had twelve days off from work in a row and it was GLORIOUS. Here are some of the things I did while I was on vacation:

I hung out with my nuclear family. Yes, that is an big-ass-gun that my father is pointing (with a laser site) at my brother's head on Christmas. They're both smiling. We'd all had several drinks. The gun is not loaded.

When I arrived home from Atlanta, it was beginning to snow like fuckingcrazy. I drove to the Man's house and left my car there. I don't love the snow, but it is pretty and peaceful when people stay indoors and the snow muffles the sounds of a city...

I had to stock up on food upon my return. I developed a theory that I might shop by color... (carrots, pepper, butternut squash, cantaloupe)

I had some delicious coffee. I also decided that if I'm to continue drinking coffee (which I AM) I should try to cut down on the super-froofy coffees that mostly taste like flavored sugar and focus on the actual coffee. I can do this.

There was some sleeping done by me, by I can't take a picture of that (Why? Because I'm asleep, duh.). I did so very much kitty snuggling while I was off. I was a very attentive kitty-mama. My legs went numb while he was sleeping on them but I never push them off...

This is J, taking a quick snooze during our Jurassic Park marathon last week. We had brunch, and fruit, and brownies, and chips, and probably diabetes...

This is a picture of a Scorpion Bowl. Remember I told you about them? The Man and I finished this one swiftly and then I had one just made in a regular glass because he switched to beer. Quitter!
While we were out, someone asked him a question and he shrugged when he really shouldn't have shrugged. Isn't it funny how your night can change just because of a shrug? I was really angry at him for it, but since then he's been terribly cute so I can't be mad anymore.

So, to sum up: I love time off :)

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