Friday, December 3, 2010

Alec Baldwin is my hero

Before I moved to Boston in June 2006, I lived in Mohrsville, PA. It's small and rural and beautiful and depressing. I had few friends and I almost never socialized. I got home from work a little after 5pm and here's what happened, pretty much every night:
1. feed cats
2. eat some food
3. open bottle of wine
4. put on movie or watch marathon of CSI/Law & Order/movies on TNT
5. get on exercycle
6. watch and drink and bike for about 3 hours
Repeat each week day

Then I moved here and I had so much to do and everywhere there were people doing things and wanting company - my company sometimes! There were shows and plays and outdoorsy things and SO MANY restaurants. It was a huge and welcome and necessary change in my life. And while I watched so much tv before I didn't really see the need to do that here. I don't know what shows are on what nights or what channels and for the last 2+ years I haven't had any cable or regular channels anyway. I watch a couple of things on Hulu now and then but I really don't miss knowing what's going on - mostly because it seems like every second show is a reality show and they all seem to have similar descriptions:

Fifty-seven single pregnant teen girls go on a road trip to find their perfect man and perfect tan and learn a lot about life and love and hairstyles along the way. Guest stars: Verne Troyer, Brett Michaels, and that child actor from that other show.

This is why I've stayed away from most shows (I say most because I've been following one or two on DVD, like Dexter). However, I've discovered 30 Rock. And it is awesome. Yes, Tina Fey is great (yay showing people that women can be funny!). And Tracy Morgan is hilarious. But Alec Baldwin. He is my hero. I want to be him. And have him. And feed him homemade blueberry pancakes. He's just so terrific. Remember when he was only playing slimy love interests? It's not like his acting blew me away then. Now he's commanding and genuinely charming and his timing is impeccable. He's the dog's bullocks. The tits, the jam, the man.
I want to say he's the best thing on tv but I don't really watch anything else so I'll just think it, happy in my obliviousness.

Oh Alec Baldwin, I want to have a glass of champagne and some nachos with you so much.


Scarlet Lily said...

You're totally right about 30 Rock & Alec Baldwin - awesome. Tina Fey is one of two people Bryan would leave me for (Allison Krauss is the other)

Also, I love how "exercycle" came TWO points after the wine!

Meredith said...

So, your two degrees of seperation are that I went to high school with two of his nieces and I totally know where his Sister and Mother live. Maybe we should take a super adventure to LA and see if Jess (his niece) can make that champagne thing happen for you! (He did take her to the Oscars this year, so they must still be tight!)