Sunday, November 7, 2010

laundry and cookie dough

I'm sitting amidst some clean unfloded laundry with knitting on my lap and cats on either side of me and cookies baking.
Pretty good for a Sunday, no?

Also, the Man and I just went to an open house, as the property next to his is up for sale. Did you know that some little old ladies still really like deep plush shag carpeting and wall-paper boarders in every room? On the plus side, they also occasionally enjoy very charming orange and yellow vinyl flooring :)

I can't decide whether to turn on my heat or just continue to wear my scarf and hat indoors...

I cut my toenails too short.

This is all really super content, I know. But it's a Sunday, and I usually take Sunday off from blogging because my weekends are not usually exciting. I am going to a birthday party later. That should be nice... It's 80s themed and lots of people will be rocking the stage with 80s covers. Perhaps I can knit myself some legwarmers before heading there...


feather nester said...

Wanna borrow the rainbow leg warmers I wore for L's party last night? They're very Olivia Newton John meets Rainbow Brite meets Punky Brewster meets Katy Perry. I <3 them.

Leslie said...

YES! I'll be right over!

Oh... wait :(