Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lack of sleep makes Leslie sleepy (and Days of Truth)

It's official: the cats are working for the government and they are conducting sleep deprivation studies on me. So far, I've just passed the stages of irritability and depression, and I'm rounding the corner of coo-coo-bananas. I noticed it when I put my dirty breakfast plates in the fridge. Ugh.

So, some Days of Truth for you...

DoT #11 Something people compliment you the most on

That would be my eyes. One is green and the other is half-green and half-blue kind of like this drawing I just made on the back of an envelope. Some people think I look like a mutant, but generally, people like it. I used to wish I had (all)blue eyes, because isn't that what most little girls want? Blue eyes and blonde hair? Well, not so much anymore. I like my eyes and I like my brown hair.
A second to my eyes would be my posture, which is pretty straight. I work hard to maintain good posture, so I like being complimented on it (whereas my eye color is much less a thing I can affect...).

DoT #12 Something people never seem to compliment you on
My athletic prowess! I have never been, nor do I ever anticipate ever being good at any sport, ever. EVER. I have no game. My reflexes on the field are quite slow, and I lose all decision-making abilities during sports games/matches. It's sad. That's why I'm happy that the Man is so talented at that stuff. If we happen to procreate ever our offspring will at least have a fighting chance because of him...

A random nice thing:
Yesterday when I got home from work, not only did one of the other people in my building move the trash can back to its home (!!), but when I checked my mail the only thing in my box was a dollar bill.

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