Monday, October 4, 2010

Days of Truth and a sweet weekend update

I'm behind on my 30 DoT because I was in Buffalo from Friday-Sunday at a wedding reception/college reunion/wingfest. Recap below the DoT.

DoT #8 Someone who made your life hell:
There have been very few people who actually had the power to make my life hell, and most of them were boyfriends from when both of us were too young to have any idea of how you're supposed to treat people. One person for whom I happen to harbor some resentment was the woman who laid me off at my last job. I don't feel that she had the company's interest in her heart, only her own. Also, she was very difficult to work with and since I'm at work most of the waking day that caused some amount of stress. Kind of a lame answer, but there it is.

DoT #9 Someone you didn’t want to let go, but just drifted:
This would be my old college roommate, T. We were extremely compatible and had such fun when we were together all the time, but we're also pretty independent and moved to different places and well, we just both let go. I am really lucky in that lots of my friends are the one in the relationship who makes sure that you keep in touch frequently. Neither T nor I was that person and we lost touch. We still care and occasionally exchange "Happy Birthday"s and stuff, but we're not really connected anymore.

DoT #10 Someone you need to let go, or wish you didn’t know:
Though I have not always enjoyed every acquaintance I've, I am a firm believer in the idea that each experience we have provides an opportunity for learning. So, I don't want to "unknow" anyone. Who knows how different I would be?


Nom nom nom!
I got dressed Friday morning for the Buffalo chill despite it being about 95 degrees with a thousand percent humidity in my apartment. I sat in the fridge for a minute before leaving to pick up the Man. We got to the airport, had a sandwich and a beer to start the weekend off early (Friday early afternoon) and got to Buffalo at a little before three. Our good friend Dr. Monkey picked us up and we went to the liquor store before arriving at Die Frau's house and putting the booze to good use. Almost immediately I found myself giddy and drinky enough to head out to the backyard and turn what was an ancient rope tied to a tree into a rickety tree swing. And then I swang... or swung. Either way, it was good.
More people came and more drinking and eating and hugging happened and it was so great that I fell asleep exhausted around midnight and slept for what felt like ages.
Saturday we met up with even more friends and all went for wings at Duff's, which is apparently one of the first and bestest places for wing consumption. It was fantastic. We had lots of beer and nachos and wings of three heat varieties with a side of "suicide" dipping sauce (which I loved with the celery!). They even have a heat level so hot that you have to sign a waiver before you eat it. That is cool.
After the Wingfest 2010, we took our bloated selves to our respective "homes" in preparation for the evening's reception celebrating J and A. We arrived, chilly and nearly-rained upon, but very happy to see each other dressed up and ready to dance. The bartender was definitely schizophrenic, making first weak and then obscenely strong drinks on a whim, which may have also helped us all loosen up for the dancing. I know I needed to get my dance on to work off the sizable chunk of coconut cake I downed after dinner :)
We adjourned to a nearby bar after the reception and talked about so many times from Colgate, what we'd been doing since we last saw each other, how happy J and A are. A good time was had by all and the Man held up extremely well to being left alone most of the night talking to various Colgaters while I was off talking to other Colgaters...
After I could no longer stand in my boots without crying we piled back into the Ford Expedition tank the Doctor had rented and sat in the kitchen of Die Frau's house eating delicious soup and sausages they had in the fridge. I rested myself next to the Man at a little past two.
Sunday brought us brunch and slow, quiet conversation. Everybody left, couple after couple and the Man and got a ride to the airport at five. We were held up in traffic, presumably because of the Bills and Jets. When we were making our way through security, only a few minutes before our plane started boarding, we were all but harassed by people behind us who were extremely concerned about missing their flights and pushy about getting through. We were a bit surprised to see one of these people on OUR flight, since we didn't bully anyone to get past and we still made it. Yay for being polite and following the rules (sometimes).

I was happy to be home and satisfied from a weekend of seeing good old friends.
Thank goodness next weekend is three days long...

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