Thursday, October 7, 2010

Earworm and a (fake) Day of Truth


You know this song, yes? It is my nemesis. The earworm to end all earworms. Once in my head it can take an ENTIRE bottle of vodka* to remove it. Seriously. I have it in my head now (of course, otherwise I wouldn't be able to talk about it for fear of getting it in my head...).
I used to work at a place that played XM radio and everyday was a different theme. I believe this song was played on Country-music-Tuesdays. Now, I thought the awesome thing about satellite radio was that it played a jillion different songs but I seemed to hear this song at least twice every week. Goddamn.

*Vodka taken orally, not aurally, FYI.

DoT #14 A hero that has let you down**
It was rainy and cold that day. The day HE let me down. He was my mentor; the man I could count on to know the answers to all of my questions. I never knew a man who knew more about... Pugs.
He could tell you from 50 yards if a pug needed to have its face-wrinkles cleaned. Or if it was actually looking at you or just staring at something to its left (and right). He could look at a picture of a pug and tell you what its favorite doughnut flavor was, with 96% accuracy. He was a great man.

But one day, when we were at the video store renting the Star Wars hexilogy*** for the thousandth time and we got some snacks for the test pugs (our research was brutal and time-consuming - we were trying to determine if snack choice made a difference in whether the pugs supported the Republic or the rebel alliance) he causally ripped open a bag of M&Ms and... he ate... a blue one. A BLUE ONE!!

**I can't think of any time this has actually happened, so I made this up. Duh.
***Pretty sure I just invented this word. You're welcome...

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