Friday, August 13, 2010

Wow that was fast, or Colorado, Part 1B, which actually comes before Part 1A chronologically

No sooner do I declare that my phone cannot send pictures than I hit publish on the last post and the pictures come through. I am impatient.

Anyway, this is us and Die Frau and her Man at drunch (drinking lunch) in Denver. We are cute here. Please note: I do not have a shrunken head, I'm just sitting back farther than Die Frau. This is probably after beer 1 of 2. The beers were tasty. As was the fish sandwich I had. Let me tell you: when you go to a landlocked state, you really want to have the fish. I'm pretty sure someone just made a witty comment about how superior Buffalo is because of their highest-rate-of-heart-disease-in-the-nation status. Booyah, Buffalo, booyah. High-five, indeed.

"Honey, pose for the camera."
"The cam-er-whaaaah?"
I assure you, as the weekend went on, we got better at the posing together part...

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