Friday, August 13, 2010

Colorado, Part 1A

This is why I was in Colorado. I'm stealing their picture because I just don't have any that say what this one does. They look small in the picture, but I promise they're real-people-sized in person.

Is this not the most beautiful location in the world? (Trick question. OF COURSE IT IS.) The wedding was extremely beautiful. And love-y. And cry-y. You get the idea. I read a e.e. cummings poem, or rather, I mumble-cried the poem.

When the Man and I got to Denver, we immediately got to hang out with Die Frau and husband, which was great, because we had beer and food and laughed and were hot. Because dang, it was hot there. I meant to post a picture of us at lunch, but those pictures are on my phone and my phone is not cooperating. More on that later.

In any case, Saturday was the wedding and we all went into Boulder to have some brunch before the ceremony. Large delicious breakfasts and mimosas/bloody marys were had by all.

Here's me doing jazz hands. Except you can't see my hands.
And here are all the men looking wicked-Breakfast-Club-cool against a wall. I hope that guy in the middle asks me to the prom!!
Oh look! He totally did!
No, just kidding. That's us with a million mountains behind us at the ceremony, which was on a little overlook on Baseline Road on a mountain. I drove 6 of us up to the place in a Jeep and there were so many hairpin curves and when we were almost to the top we saw a Lincoln has broken down and we were all "oh, man I wouldn't want to be in that car!" and it was totally the bride and groom. Luckily, they were able to hitch a ride with another guest.
Boston Ladies! Woo woo!
So much other stuff happened that evening, but I was way too busy living it to record it all.
The next day we met I, the one who gives rides to hitchhiking wedding parties, for lunch in Boulder.
This is what I had. It's a bloody mary along with biscuits and gravy, but it's the mutant version of biscuits and gravy because it's biscuits, covered with eggs (that have been scrambled with gouda) covered in sausage and chicken gumbo and scallions. YEAH. West EndTavern at 9th and Pearl in Boulder. Go there.
So, this is only Part 1A of Colorado, because I have included no pictures of the super Die Frau, nor the happy couple (you know, a picture big enough where you can see actual faces) and that ain't right. Also, I think I may have more pictures of food, and that's always good. So, addendum to follow...


Wonderland said...
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die Frau said...

I also love the Breakfast Club pic. And you.