Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekend update, DIY, safari

This weekend was about doing a show and getting some things done, and relaxing if there was time. Surprisingly, there wasn't really time. We sold out our Shakespeare shows 5 out of 6 nights of the run. Thursday night I went out with some work people and my man, Friday night we had our Kilt&Corset formal show party, and Saturday night was striking the set and the cast party. I also went to Home Depot and did laundry and tidied up and slept in until 9am - 9AM!! And, I had a little project I wanted to start and finish.

I bought this mirror last Monday from someone who'd posted on Craigslist. It is heavy and the yellowing-white plastic frame is ugly, despite the shape being cool. So! Enter paint.
I didn't know if you could even paint plastic, but Krylon makes a very effective plastic bonding spray paint in their Fusion line of paints. It worked beautifully. Have I mentioned how happy I am to have a modest yard to be able to do projects like this??
In less than a half hour (I think) I was able to put 2-3 coats on the thing and have it dry. Then I brought it back inside and screwed it back on the mirror. Did you know that older mirrors are SUPERthick and weigh a lot? Also, that the edges are sharp and can slice into your delicate finger flesh when you attempt to pick them up? True story.
Ta Da! It looks pretty good, no? It certainly matches my decor more than it did before. You should know that I actually had BRIGHTfuckingYELLOW spray paint in my hand at Home Depot and the Man just gently suggested that black may be a color I could live with forever and would be a more practical color to have around and he was right. So, so right. It looks great. He didn't try to stop me, however, when I picked up a bright tomato-red color for the next project I have to start on. I will take pictures of that too. I want to get a few things finished before my parents visit in the middle of August, and I'll be in Colorado in the meantime, so I don't have a lot of free time to work on stuff. Also because I'll have rehearsals for a staged-reading show I'm doing. A friend had auditions and only three people tried out for four spots. She asked me to be a part of it, so I will be playing a gay 20-something man named Daniel from the Philipines. Yes, really.

Here's the Man taming the wild jungle cats outside before we had dinner last night. They were mad at me because I'd just cut their nails back a bit. It's a shame I didn't think to video this interaction as it was way cuter with actual motion...
In any case that was my weekend in a nutshell. I have a bunch to do this week too, which is great. Yoga and a date with A tonight, rehearsal tomorrow, dinner with my bro on Wednesday... I hope to work on my next DIY project Thursday and Friday some and see the Man and maybe hit The Donkey Show with some theatre peeps on Saturday.

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Just Another Idealist said...

Actually, that picture is adorable, and the action portion of it is pretty obvious. Yay for a yard!!! And yours doesn't have a bagillion mosquitoes in it all day long!!!