Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday, Monday

My throat is sore. I think you know what that means: alien virus. I’m a little over everyone claiming to have the swine flu. REALLY? Isn’t it possible that you just have a COLD? Like every other cold ever that has not been the swine flu?

Moving on.

Last night I had a delightful dinner with Ouiser’s husband, an old college friend. I met him at his hotel and we walked off into the delightful Boston night in search of an appropriate restaurant. On the walk, Mr. Ouiser confided in me that his lovely wife would be very displeased with me if I didn’t chose a great restaurant because I am always sort of bragging about the food in Boston. I think I did ok. We went to Sel de Terre near the Boston Aquarium, and the Mr. had steak and rosemary pommes frites while I had roasted duck breast with parsnip croquettes and pumpkin purée. YUM! Then for dessert we had molten chocolate lava cake (him) and pumpkin cheesecake with a pumpkin seed crust (me).

After dinner I went back to Davis Square to the Burren for a surprise birthday party. I saw lots of familiar (missed!) faces and had a beer. My man had met me there and we left at 11:30 to go back to my place where the sleep happens. And OH BOY did it happen.

Today I’m tired and sore-throated and I’d love a nap. But instead I will go to yoga and then maybe get some groceries.

YES! Envy my glamorous life!!

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