Monday, October 19, 2009

Close your mouth and open up your heart and baby satisfy me

So, it’s been a while but I have been doing fun things. Things like going to a place of apple-pickery and not picking any apples, but drinking sub-standard wine and buying pre-picked apples (still fun!). And avoiding sweets (less fun!). And enjoying birthday parties! Where there were babies and puppies! And watching football and eating pizza with my man (ok, I was reading Martha Stewart Living while he was watching, but it was a Giants-Saints game and I AT LEAST paid enough attention to know THAT.

Right now I am at work. But I am not thinking about work. I am thinking about LAS VEGAS.

I’ll be there Thursday morning through Saturday afternoon. Dude. It’s colder than cold here in Bahston, but in Vegas it’s 80 degrees during the day and still 60 degrees at night. NO! JACKETS! REQUIRED! I will get drunk (yes)! And possibly married (no)! And I will stay in the Casa Des Hiltons! A good time will be had by all. There will be a little less conversation and a little more action. My boyfriend will meet my brother and his lovely girlfriend. Everyone will rock out with their cocks out (you know what I mean) and I will come back very fucking tired.

I could not be more excited. Updates when I return. I hope the updates will be AWESOME.

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Wonderland said...

Have so much fun!!! I can't wait to hear all about it!