Sunday, August 9, 2009

Wine and cheese and dip and margaritas

FIRST: The show went great. The whole run was successful, and I'm sorry(but happy) it's over. I'm REALLY looking forward to being somehow involved in War of the Worlds, which is the Halloween show, and will be performed in the Somerville Theater (where U2 did a surprise performance a few months ago).

SECOND: Having girlfriends with whom you can have "Wine Club" where you learn very little about wine other than how much you can drink is pretty awesome. Our friend I is moving to the Cape in a few weeks and she hosted her last Somerville Wine Club last week. It rocked, of course. She wanted to "clean up" her freezer and liquor cabinet, so that meany lots of spinach dip (yum) and margaritas. So, I guess that's double-yum.
But, of course, there's a danger in getting all liquored up and girly. That danger is that when you stumble to your boyfriend's place afterwards, you end up starting a conversation yelling:

Ugh. Really?


I am so awesome sometimes it hurts.
Luckily, because my man understands that I have wants and needs and sometimes those wants and needs mix with alcohol to form a screamy/demanding/aggressive freak, he just calmly addressed the topic and reassured me that there are plenty of Chinese baby girls who needed good homes and... wait. That's not what he said. He reassured me that we were doing great. And that's fair. The SECOND best* thing a girl can hear in that situation is "we're doing great". I can easily translate that into "baby, just give it a few months..."

*The FIRST best thing is: "Wait, you want to get married and have a baby? Why didn't you say so!? How's this Friday at 2pm?"

Anyway, I really should be preparing for the auditions, tidying up the cat-hair-tumbleweed, and attending the nectarine sorbet I've got going.

Later peeps. I hope that all your loose ends get tied up, and all your babies get born :) You know who you are...


Wonderland said...

Ooooohhh Boy. Awesome. Well Done.

die Frau said...

"All babies want to get borned!"

Sounds like a fun night on your part and a good man you've got there. ;-)