Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Ooooh. It's been a while.
But that's good - that means there's stuff to update about.

The weekend before last, I went to my 10 year college reunion. Wow, Colgate is really beautiful, y'all. They've done some splendid things with new (and old) buildings, and I had a lovely time seeing all my peeps. Let me tell you, 10 years will really CHILL some mo-fos OUT.

Then, last Friday, my boss at my temping gig offered me a permanent position here. It is a GREAT deal and DANG did I need that. I've been unemployed since the middle of January. And it was a cold, bleak winter. There were, of course, good things, but it's hard not knowing where your money and benefits will come from on a long-term basis. Anyway, I am quite pleased, as the company is good and strong and seems fun. (They like me! They really like me!)

All this while, I've also been painting and bringing things to me new apartment. I'll try to take some good pictures of the incredibly 70s colors I've unleashed on this place. When I started painting the bold orange (called "tigerstripe") in the bedroom area, I was deeply panicked. Then J came over to help and declared it "perfect", probably because she knows that I require much encouragement as to my choices, and she's happy to oblige. I am very anxious to be in the new place for various reasons- mostly centered around the apartment's proximity to: my boyfriend, great breakfast/coffee/the T/the theatre/other completely awesome friends. Good stuff.

Now, I'm looking forward to tomorrow night, because as an act of celebration, J and I are going to the VERY delicious East Coast Grill in Inman Square. I remember reading about this place before I even moved here. They have amazing seafood, and very yummy scorpion bowls.

So, back to the grind (I'm SO happy there's a grind!).


die Frau said...

Yay grind!

I'm sure the tiger stripe is just right for you, unlike the orange I saw called "Nacho Cheese". Yikes.

Enjoy your celebratory dinner!

feather nester said...

Rowr, tiger stripe, huh! I love it. And can't wait for pics.

And Hooray for the grind!

And Hooray for such a great reunion/vacay. I just realized...what that the first 100% drama-free Colgate get-together we've ever had? It was drama-free, right? I didn't miss anything? I wasn't sure we were capable of that. Huh. Cool.