Monday, June 15, 2009

This little piggy said "ouch"

Oh so tired.
The weekend was full. Of moving stuff - my stuff, other people's stuff. Whatever.

Friday night, I attacked my basement, which is where stuff-I-don't-want-to-look-at goes to die. I managed to put together a pretty big "trash" pile, and a goodly-sized "donate" pile.
Saturday morning I brought a big load of stuff to my new place and carried it all up. Then I called my man who promised to help me move my mattresses and bed and some tables (since I can't carry them by my lonesome). I picked him up, fed him some very yummy turkey burgers, and then we got moving. WOW moving is so much faster when you're not doing it alone, you know? When you're moving, big strong man = awesome.
After we moved some big stuff he went back to his place to do man things, while I set upon building my new Ikea desk. It took me half a bottle of wine to complete it, and when I stood back I realized I'd put on one of the pieces backwards. D'oh. Luckily, there was very little I had to do to fix it...
Saturday night we watched Rome and ate and passed out pretty early. And Sunday we managed to sleep in until 9. NINE! This is amazing and it never happens. We breakfasted and took another load of stuff over to my place. Later I had to go to the theatre to help move stuff and build the set. I carried some REALLY heavy things and my arms are FREAKING killing me. Don't they know I've already carried a lot of heavy things?!?! Up three flights??!?! Gah!
After I left the theatre I took one more load of stuff to my place. I was carrying a relatively light box of glassware up the stairs and I tripped, smashing only one shot glass, but also (I'm pretty sure) spraining 2 of my teeny toes in the process. Boo!
At least we had a nice dinner, consisting of fresh green beans, brown rice, and seared duck breast. Yum.
Last night I managed to get almost no sleep at all, so I'm kind of running on empty here.

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