Monday, April 13, 2009

Yummy Easter treats!

Oh, I do hope everyone had a super Easter. Personally, I don't really celebrate the day, except to do this:
Yup. Eating PEEPS. That's all the celebration I need! The crazy zombie look in my eyes has more to do with my excitement over the peeps and the fact that I was blinded by the flash than the resurrection of our savior, JC.
Basically, I spent the day not doing too much. I have a hacking cough right now and I blow my nose approximately 50 times a minute, so I tried not to exert myself. I ran an errand that required driving OVER! THE! RIVER! with the lovely A, then we had cheap delicious Indian food at Punjabi Dhabi in Inman Square. The food was so abundant, and my hunger for naan so great, that I jammed WAY too much food into my body. We had the perfect combination of foods, though: chicken tikka masala and lamb saagwala. DELICIOUS!
Then I went home and watched Lost on Hulu (I love you, Hulu!). Later, my man called on his way home from family time and he came over so that we could build a fire with his construction debris (he's doing some renovations).
Now I must look for a job. Ah, fruitless searching. My favorite thing!!

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