Friday, April 3, 2009

Late to bed, late to rise...

Last night I went with some lady friends to see Ryan Montbleau and his superfriends perform in Woostah. Let me tell you how Woostah is like Pennsylvania - if you don't already know where you're going, they don't care enough to tell you. Even Google is in on this, as Google didn't care if we made it there. Luckily, as you can see we made it, and we were still smiling:

My friend A, all the way on the right, is wearing those glove things partially because she "runs cold" and partially because she forgot her ID and they made her wear big red Xs on her hands so that everyone would know SHE WAS NOT ALLOWED TO DRINK. Gah forbid!

J and her man, who works hard for the money, were able to do a little bootie shakin' to the fine music:
Round about 1:45ish we started the process of disengaging from Woostah and J and I got into the car for the ride home.

We look much more awake here than I did when I hit the bed at 3am. Then the cats started being screamy until I kicked their flabby asses out the house!

And now....................
Not being able to move my neck more than a quarter turn in either direction. Boo! I got 6.5 hours sleep, I guess someone was just stepping on my neck the whole time. I shall have to ask my roommate if she snuck in my room to tap dance on my spine...
These. These are the best ever. They come from Lyndell's in Ball Square, Somerville. They looked a little confused when I took the picture, but whatever man. Viva la jelly doughnut!

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Just Another Idealist said...

6.5 hours of sleep sounds nice right about now...
Also, Lyndell's doughnuts RULE! They taste like the smell of the bakery--like a little slice of heaven covered in angelic sugary goodness. The FIRST trip I make when we get the car (after Andrew's orthodontist appointment) will be to THAT BAKERY. YUM!