Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Run of the mill update

Dang, February! Why you gotta be so COLD?!?!
After last week's warmth and sunshine-y-ness, this week's cold and bleakness could not be less welcome. Also, I think we're getting snow tomorrow and Thursday. Boo! Boo, says I!

Anyway, I did have a lovely weekend. Friday night I had dinner with A and M at A's place. We had soup and lasagna and coconut ice cream (in separate courses, not all mixed up in a bucket). Then Saturday (that day, if you remember), I went to yoga and then my man came over. We delighted in dirty martinis and pizza and champagne and smooching and... well, let's just say I'll never look at tongs the same way.
Sunday I went on a last minute trip to IKEA! with J and A. Technically, IKEA! is the special place that I share with J - we use all the furniture and pretend that all of the made-up rooms are our rooms. I particularly enjoy it when we get to rest on the red leather couch. BUT, A needed a new comforter and they were on hella-sale, so off we went. They even had free breakfast (which in Sweden they call frukost), including coffee. Necessary. Very necessary. After a successful IKEA! run, we parted ways only to meet up again later (no way do we get sick of each other, ladies and gents) for more food and chatting. Then I took J home and my man came by to ensure that he'd be first in line for breakfast. Bacon and eggs, of course.
Oh OH! I love the people I know!

On the job front, I got nothing. Except unemployment checks, that is. I'm still looking and fishing, but no jobs are bititng (this metaphor sucks). I can only hope that someone comes to their senses soon and realizes that they simply must have me for their new sitcom about kooky-thirtysomethings-and-their-Boston-hijinks. Please - you'd watch it.

Now it's time to run around the house three times in my towel and war paint - it's a rainjob-search dance. I hope it does some good. Then it's off to lunch with some of the best former co-workers a girl could ever have. Them, and beer (ol, in Sweden). YEAH!

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