Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Lunch with Yum.

OMG, People. RUN, do not walk, to your pantry. Dump out the contents of a can of tuna into a bowl. Drop a significant dollop of mayo on top (it's white, it's creamy, it's delicious!). Blend together, salt and pepper to taste. THEN! Out the entirety of a little packet of WASABI ON TOP! DO IT! DO IT NOW!

It tastes delicious, and after your brain stops exploding all over your computer and invoices and safety glasses (I'm at the office) you will have the MOST AMAZING MOMENT of CLARITY.

For serious.

Bring tissues.

1 comment:

die Frau said...

I will do this, post-haste. T. will die of happiness.

Know what's also good in tuna? Fennel. Seeds or the real thing (replacing celery). Truly.

Now, what would happen if you did tuna, wasabi, AND fennel? The world as we know it might explode into a million rays of light and we'd all reach inner clarity and Mischa Barton would never have a job aGAIN....