Tuesday, December 16, 2008


You know those days that you cannot type one single word right? Or those days where you're reading colleagues' emails and NOTHING is making sense and you're all WHAT AM I DRUNK AGAIN? Or when people walk into your office and tell you a bunch of gibberish "La La La I took too much insulin bla bla bla if I fall over call 911 bla bloo blee" and you just want to grab your head and go to sleep under your desk but you can hardly get into the fetal position because you're so sore from skiing all weekend OH POOR YOU but still you really hurt?

Well, I am having all of those days right now.


Jessica said...

I told you, 1/2 day of skiing after NOT skiing for years is probably all we can do. We're in our 30's now, after all ;-)

die Frau said...

Ooh, that reminds me to take care if I ever get on the slopes again. Which I can, now that I finally have actual ski mittens.

Hang in there!