Monday, November 17, 2008


For my job, I have to sign my name as approval in order for invoices to be processed/paid. So that I can follow a procedure that I assume is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), I write "ok to pay", sign my name, and indicate the date. Today, I signed off on a million invoices, so I was getting a little (very) sloppy, and when I wrote "11/17/08", the "17" was smooshed and looked like the sign for pi.


Q: What day is it?
A: November pi, 2008.


Wonderland said...

I would have tried to divide 11 by Pi and then again by 8... ;) BTW - It's nice to have you back on your blog. I've been missing you.

die Frau said...

Ah, Pi. I would not have tried to divide it by ANYTHING....

Is "Ok to pay" anything like Jodie Foster repeating "I'm ok to go!" over and over again in the movie Contact?