Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Pretty pretty princesses

I'd like to suggest something: get dressed up - pretty dress, fancy-schmancy shoes, make-up - with a friend and go anywhere for a lunch. No doubt it's better when you can do it in the summer and there's outdoor seating, but I'm sure it would be good anytime.

On Saturday afternoon, I got prettied up and went into Harvard Square to Grendel's with my lovely little elven friend, A. She even wore a hat. We walked around, ate yummy food, and strolled through one of (apparently) only 2 only-poetry bookstores in the USA.

Later that night I went into Central Square to see my friend, Tim Fite play at TT The Bear's. Mr. Fite and I went to high school together, and it was a lot of fun to watch him get a crowd of people "perform" along with him to Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes.

Wow, I love living here.


die Frau said...

Some person at the only Grateful Dead show I went to got our section to sing "If You're Happy and You Know It..." but I think illegal substances may have contributed.

My friend Natalie and I did the dress-up bit for my birthday--we got dolled up like we were going to a ball and went to the same hotel they used in "Gone With the Wind" to eat dinner. As we walked in awe down this grand staircase to the restaurant, Natalie tripped and fell on her face right near the bottom. I shrieked, everyone looked, and when I got to her, she was laughing so hard she couldn't speak. This spread to me and when we walked into the restaurant, I'm sure everyone thought we were "overserved", as my sister calls it. We had the best dinner ever. So yes, "Hello, Dolly!" got it right: Put on your Sunday best and you just feel better. I say this as I'm sitting with dirty hair and yoga clothes on. I'm off to shower.

Scarlet Lily said...

Absolutely lovely idea! Love it!