Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Binder Clips

I'm in a play. Actually, it's a series of several one-act plays. It's a whole night of one-act plays in fact, and I'm in the first one. I love the people. I love the theatre company. I love the acting.


Yeah, there are some things about community theatre that... well, that are a little...ghetto, shall we say?

Just as an example, almost the entire set is held together with binder clips. Uh huh. Not even duct tape. Or gorilla glue. Or monkeys with nothing better to do. Binder clips - old ones with paint all over them. Our "blacks" (those are the black curtains meant to provide a back-drop and block out other distractions) are frayed and pitiful. Erg.

That theatre I worked with when I was in Reading, PA (before I moved to Boston) had a constantly-leaking roof. Even when the weather was delightful we had to have buckets under certain parts of the ceiling to prevent patrons from getting wet. Luckily there were never that many patrons. Ha! Also, it was freezing in the winter and sweltering in the summer.

The message? Community theatre needs more resources. Money, time, people with skills and the motivation to use those skills. It's tough, because every cause needs those things, and community theatre is pretty far down the list of things to believe in and support for most people.

I'm writing this because the theatre has meant SO much to me, and I feel like I could give more. That is why I have several binder clips (of varying sizes) in my purse right now. Because I care enough to take them from work and bring them to my community theatre.


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Scarlet Lily said...

Ha!! You're a giver.

Hey, today it may just be stolen binder clips from work, but when you're famous and sleep on a money mattress, you'll give real cash AND binder clips.

It's the thought that counts.

(Also - I used to have one of our volunteers at the museum bring me paper clips from the hospital she worked at b/c we didn't have the money for them and they did)