Wednesday, March 27, 2013


You may think that the best way to treat a sore throat is with booze, fried foods, and shouting karaoke. You’d be wrong. And yet! Those things are significantly more fun than sitting at home drinking tea with honey. Last night a bunch of us went out for A’s birthday. She turned thirty-sexy and we celebrated in the typical fashion: with drinks, fried foods at M3 in Davis Square, more drinks, karaoke, and another drink. We sang Proud Mary. We shouted/sang through several additional songs that other people chose. That is the nature of karaoke, I guess. I’ve never done it before. It was fun.

It was nice to go out because it’s been a few days now since Lysistrata closed and I’m trying to stave off the post-show blues for as long as possible. Lysistrata was extremely tiring near the end, but the positive energy of everyone involved made the exhaustion worth it. We sold out on Friday of closing weekend and nearly sold out on Saturday. We had a delightful cast party that was a bit of a love-fest. But, after a show, I get that feeling, that what-if-that’s-the-last-theatre-I-ever-get-to-do feeling. I try to think that I can live with that, but then I get all antsy, and a bit angsty and I become increasingly restless until the next show. Well, I have the next few months off and I’m going to try to direct my energy into being healthier and starting our garden and reading more and resting. Because right now I am looking at a two-to-three-cups-a-day coffee habit and I need to dial that back a little bit.

I looked up the sunrise/sunset times this morning, and I immediately felt better. By mid-April, it should basically be all light all the time with temperatures in the mid-50s and rising. Even though we’re through the fist quarter I still feel like this year is just beginning. And I’m hopeful.