Monday, November 19, 2012

So I don't forget

Last year when I came back from a brief vacation in Puerto Rico with the Man, I felt (and I think we both felt) like we were ready for a change. Like the experience in Puerto Rico - which was just a regular old nice vacation - was enough to remind us to live a little more, or a little more fully.
Soon after that, I forgot the feeling and kept just living "regularly", with all the same worries and fears and joys and stuff of regular days.


Now I feel that again. We should be doing more/different/wild things. We both read The River of Doubt while we were in Mexico. It's about Teddy Roosevelt's journey on unknown parts of the Amazon River in 1913-1914. The things those men went through for the sake of exploration and adventure: malaria, attacks by natives, extreme weather and insects and starvation - it was crazy. I have never had an experience that was truly dangerous or particularly adventurous.
Now, I don't want to starve, or lose a toe to a piranha, or get malaria.

I do want to be an adventurer.

I know I don't want to be an adventurer every single day, because that would get tiring, and occasionally I just like to watch a movie with a cat on my lap and order sushi. But I don't want to forget this feeling either. I need to add some recklessness to my life. It's unlike me, but I think I can do it.

(And yes, I KNOW I've said this all before. But there's always tomorrow to start living differently. So, maybe tomorrow...?)

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die Frau said...

As long as it's in your mind, you'll think to do it. Just don't berate yourself if you get bogged down in old, regular life for a while. That you have striven to do this and made yourself aware means you will make it happen.