Friday, October 12, 2012

Bulleted update

Because I have no energy or inclination for anything else:

  • Last Friday the Man and I went out on a date in Portsmouth and it was delightful. I drove there because we were on our way to a wedding and he was already there so we left my car at the Park&Ride and went together to Point Sebago in Maine. After I got us lost (only once because I put the wedding address not the camp site address into the GPS) we made it with no trouble.
  •  The wedding was lovely and outdoors and it started to rain hard about 15 minutes after the ceremony. Timing! Luckily the reception was inside and we danced danced danced. Then we took a shuttlebus back to our cabin*.
  •  Monday we did stuff around the house. The Man's mom had given us a pumpkin so I gutted it, made soup out of its innards, roasted its seeds and carved a face on it. Gory but delicious. And I, like a pilgrim pumpkin-hunter, used every part of that mo-fo.
  •  I watched most of the debate last night but I got sick of looking at both Biden and Ryan smirking and/or smiling grotesquely so I closed my eyes so as to just listen and then of course I fell asleep. The man would have kept me awake but he was off being a work-softball-team superstar. Debate side note: I liked that there was at least more specificity and more calling out of non-specificity. Side note #2: Those cannot be Joe Biden's real teeth, can they? Side note #3 When Biden indicated that he and "BiBi" Netanyahu have been friends for 39 years I was impressed doing the math that Paul Ryan would have been 3 years old at the start of that friendship. Side note #4: Mitt Romney has been undeniably personally generous to many Mormons and the Mormon church. So I find it odd that Paul Ryan would have told the one story that emphasized this that was a perfect segue into Biden mentioning how he tragically lost his wife and son. I will stop side-noting now because I see it is getting out of hand. Maybe you and I ought to just have a conversation about this off-line?
  •  Tonight the Man has softball again but maybe that means I'll get homework done. Also, maybe I'll drink some wine while doing that homework. Adulthood! (Not being in college means I can drink wine instead of doing cheap vodka shots between chapters as a reward! Also my textbook doesn't smell like beer and doesn't inexplicably have pubic hairs in between the pages!**)
  •  It's supposed to freeze here tonight. Gah! We've been turning on the heat but I'm sure the first bill will remind me that keeping it at 66 degrees at night is much more cost effective than keeping it at 68 degrees and forgetting to turn the heat off during the day (which is what I'm doing now). 
  •  Next week I'm going to San Francisco and since I've never been to California at all I'm sooooooo excited. There will be delicious foods and drinks and it will be in the low 70s and maybe I'll see a girl with flowers in her hair. 

That is all. Now I must work work work. But as the man who made my coffee this morning said:

Smile. It's Friday.

*cabin = former prison conjugal trailer with vinyl hose-down-able everything - ROMANCE! But seriously, it was still nice, plastic mattress and all. But we had a great time! Because being away from home with friends and booze is lovely.
 **I don't know who*** deposited some pubic hair in my Roman art history book, but even now, I do not appreciate it.
***I did blame it on my adorable and certainly-not-guilty roommate R, who was completely appalled at the accusation. And a good time was had by all.

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