Monday, June 11, 2012

Black stuff falls from the sky... er... ceiling

MIT owns the building I work in. They're in the process of working on/replacing the roof. It's loud and a bit scary. Black bits fall from the vents onto my desk and head. It looks like this:
And then I wipe away the bits and particles and shake them out of my hair and then five minutes later it looks like this:
Ugh. Also, there are noises: high pitched squeal-y ones, loud clangy ones, and workmen-yelling ones. I don't know which I enjoy least.

I hope it's not all day.

Hmm. So if part of the roof should cave in and kill me, please know I love you all. Also, the cats eat Iams Adult (the kind in the orange bag) and my car needs an oil change.
Thank you.


My solution, using materials I borrowed from the receiving area:

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