Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Some things, and please send vibes

I'm growing celery from celery. I learned about it on Apartment Therapy. You cut off the bottom chunk of a bunch of celery and put it in some water, like so:
Then you wait, while keeping the container in a sunny spot and periodically changing the water. After a few days, you get some growth:
And then even more growth. Look! We've almost got some stalk here!
So it's been a week, and luckily, I haven't been craving a ton of celery. I'm mostly doing it for the novelty. Apparently, you can do the same thing with scallions.

IN OTHER NEWS: My friend J lost her two dogs in Springfield, NY. They've been missing since last Friday and are very much missed. These dogs are loved and the owners just want them to come home. So if you could, please send out dogs-finding-their-way-home vibes. Thank you.

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The Perfect Space said...

I am looking forward to seeing the celery timeline photos. Thanks for the vibes!