Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Overheard at Fenway

Last night the Man and I went to the Red Sox game. The weather was beautiful. Our seats were eleven rows out from center field. The fans were enthusiastic. The Red Sox didn't do a great job - at least not before 9:45 when we left.
(That's right. I love Hipstamatic and I'm not ashamed.)

I always think it's weird that people wear sports paraphernalia, since I have absolutely zero interest in professional sports. I think it's nice when our team wins because it seems to make people happy, but personally I could not care less who wins a game that makes no actual difference in the world at all. I realize I'm missing something (some sports gene, maybe?) that most Americans have, but... meh. So, sports-clothing. I always think it's weird. And I know people are doing it as a show of support - not because they think they are sports heroes. When I wear my Yeah Yeah Yeahs t-shirt, it's not because I think I'm in the band, so I don't know why I think it's weird. I just do. Probably because I just don't care.

Things I overheard:

"That curve ball was curvy!"

"This is bullshit, SOX!" (because sometimes you just can't please your fans)

"I didn't know there were so many balls in baseball." (The Sox walked a lot of guys)

"Get that thing off me!" (I turned around to see, but I don't know what this was about)

And my favorite, from the couple next to me, after she got back from getting them beers:
   Husband: "And while you were gone, he got to first, and then the pitcher pitched a cutter..."
   Wife: "I'm all set. I saw it on the tvs out there."
   Husband: "And then when he ran, he was tagged out by..."
   Wife: "I said I know. I SAW IT already. You don't have to tell me. Stop."
 And the husband continued recounting the plays she'd already seen, and narrating the game while we watched it.


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