Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Not a lot has happened lately so I will be updating you in bullet form so as to avoid filler-writing about the early spring or tax refunds:

  • My, isn't spring delightful and early this year? And I do love that I already got my tax refund. Crap, sorry.

  • I got an iPhone. Holy potato that thing can do some things. Lots of things. I don't even understand. My favorite thing so far: When I'm on the phone, and I pull the phone away from my ear, the screen lights up so that if I'm in a menu I can just press a button. It's like it knows I call places with automated menus. Go, iPhone.

  • I had a dream that the Man saved me from a bear by shooting that bear (just a little) in the arm (the bear was walking on two legs). I don't know if the Man has ever shot a gun in real life but he was like a cowboy in my dream. A sexy, bear-shooting cowboy.

  • I watched Game Change over the weekend. I thought it was very well done, and I enjoyed watching it. And Julianne Moore does such a good job with the train wreck that is Sarah Palin. Wow. You should see it.

  • That's all, folks.


  • I made a Venn diagram to define our current relationship status and the Man, though receptive, did make that diagram into a boob.
  • I think I need to start wearing make-up in the way it was intended. Now I kind of half-ass it a lot of the time, or I wear none. (When I wear it) I want to wear it so it enhances the stuff I've got. NOTE: This does not mean that I think I have to start wearing make-up because I am a troll. That's not it. It just means I have to start paying better attention.
EDITED TO ADD (again):

  • I firmly believe that you need a partner to share with you a banana you plan to cut up and eat as a part of your morning cereal. Because I only need half a banana and I'm loathe to store the other half, I almost never get to do this. C'est la vie.


modernhaus said...

Yup, what's up with April being such a limbo month?? I TOTALLY concur about the banana thing...such a problem. I spent the first few years of marriage trying to convince the esposo that he wanted the other half. "Just take it!"
"I don't want it"
"Yes you do. It's good for you."
"I hate bananas"
"Damn you!"
Answer: have a baby!

modernhaus said...

p.s., you're so funny, man!

Leslie said...

WOW. You got from bananas to babies in no time. You're good!
I shall try to employ that method at my next breakfast with the Man :)

Leslie said...

Wait, I misunderstood.
Now I see the point is baby-as-banana-sharer and not banana-conversation-as-segue-into-baby-conversation.

Still a good idea!

Perhaps I'm projecting some of my own issues onto this topic...

modernhaus said...

How about "baby as reduction in overall household waste" as a persuasive technique??
Pretty soon he'll see that you can't afford NOT to have one...

Leslie said...

That works. The Man is TOTALLY an environmentalist.
I'll just tell him we're getting a "baby garbage disposal", and when he agrees, I'll stop taking birth control.

Wait. Sometimes he reads this blog.

On second thought NO. NO I WILL NOT DO THOSE THINGS.

modernhaus said...

can we be twitter/instagram friends?? I am modernhaus on both

Leslie said...

Errr... Once I join... Which I am planning on doing as soon as I figure out how to do that on my new phone.