Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Catch all

You guys, the second/closing weekend of the show was so good! I know, I know, I've been saying "so good!" a lot about the show, but CAN'T YOU JUST BE HAPPY FOR ME? WHAT THE FUCK.
No really, the audiences were great - over a thousand people saw it over the whole run. I heard wonderful, supportive comments from all of the people who I know saw it and I think the whole cast had such a great time. I also really enjoyed forcing myself to be social because we had such a fun group of people that I really would have been missing out if I'd done my usual move of well-I've-been-at-the-cast-party-well-over-an-hour-so-I-really-gotta-split routine. I stayed for hours, played with circus toys, watched the Man become increasingly hilarious with every drink, tried on many hats (literally), ate a couple of midnight egg rolls, and made many promises to do stuff with people. Promises I intend to keep! Also there were many lovely hugs and conversations and compliments flying every which way. Doesn't that sound nice? Yes, we think it's nice. To top it all off, A and K were here from Buffalo and though I didn't get to spend a lot of quality time with them, we did eat some delicious bacon together :) Twice.

Now I am a little let down, as always happens after a show, and a little relieved, as I should be able to get some more rest, do some more yoga, and focus on really working on some house stuff. Plus, the weather is getting warmer and I'll want to spend some time being outside, drinking beer with friends on patios, listening to music. All the good stuff.

And now some random things:

I have always kind of hated wearing jeans and I always hate buying jeans. So, after splashing bacon grease on one of the only pairs in the world that fits me this past weekend, I have decided that we're on a break. I'm going to try to go without completely. I have a couple of pairs that I'll still wear, but if I ever even think about buying another pair I will get me to the nearest thrift-a-torium. I shall try to never spend real money on those terrible things again.

Last night I had a dream that there were snakes all up in the new house. I don't think they were poisonous, and the cats were killing some of them, but there were too many. Like Indiana Jones in that snake pit many. Get those m0therf*cking (dream)snakes out of my m0therf*cking (dream)house.

Last night also I rubbed some sleep remedy stuff into the cats ears hoping for one night of peace. Conan, miraculously, slept through the entire night and made not a peep. Somehow I must have accidentally rubbed into Kail's ears a combination of crack and ecstasy because starting at 3am and every half hour after that he went on a spree of leaping at my face with his face and jamming his head under the blankets. WEIRD. O.

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die Frau said...

Such lovely bacon and company!