Friday, February 17, 2012

Welcome to my nightmare

You guys I am deferential to authority by nature. And there are so many people and things and rules that would fall into the category of "authority". Let's just take THE DENTIST as an example. Like, maybe I had a dentist appointment this morning at 8am. Maybe it's written on my calendar, and maybe they called to remind me yesterday, and maybe I even mentioned it to the Man last night. Then maybe, just maybe, I completely forgot about it and came to work like I normally do.
And then maybe the hygienist called at 8:13 asking where I was.

If this all happened, I might have apologized and gotten all shaky.

She offered a tentative noon appointment since she thought she was free then. Should I bring her some flowers? Chocolates? I feel like a jerk* and like I failed a test or something. Boo. I hope she doesn't get all extra-scrape-y on me.

*I have waited and waited and waited at the dentist. I shouldn't feel that bad. And yet...

EDITED TO ADD: I almost just deleted this post because I don't want the internet to know that I am the kind of person** who flakes on dentist appointments.
**And by this I mean probably every person at one time or another***
***Except that I like to think that I am really really good at time management and someone who is good at time management cannot MISS appointments because that's the whole thing about TIME MANAGEMENT****
****Which I can no longer claim to be good at and now I must claim to be good at something else. Like playing the ukulele*****
*****Which I also cannot claim to be good at because I haven't learned it yet because I am also apparently terrible at following through on goals.******
******And this is why I will spend the weekend eating the entirety of the two boxes of Girl Scout cookies that were just delivered to me. And I'll do it while finishing the first season of Downton Abbey on Netflix.*******
*******Hey! That will mean that I will have finished two things. Go me!

EDITED TO ADD (again): Every time I am reminded that I am a regular person who does regular (sometimes dumb) things, I want to throw up because it's so disappointing. That's normal, yes?

EDITED TO ADD (last time - I promise): The hygienist was very nice and said it wasn't a big deal. The dentist said I have nice teeth.
I know it's stupid to worry about this stuff. Everyone does it. Thanks, you guys. I know you're with me.


Sarah Berry said...

Repeat this to yourself: NO ONE IS KEEPING SCORE.

No one will ever give a shit or give you a mental gold star in their head b/c you're good at time management.

And no one will notice or think you less worthy if you're bad at it.

No one is keeping score except you. Bow to your own awesomeness instead.

Lisa S. said...

Oh, you mean like going without insurance since October, in a state where insurance is not only mandatory, but easy to get FOR FREE (I know because I've done it before).

Then, an injury happens. And I'm so damn mad at myself I could cry, because I'm supposed to be this super-smart, responsible adult and I actually do KNOW BETTER!

Sometimes, we do stupid things. And it sucks.

The Perfect Space said...

It's actually kind of comforting to me that this happened to you because that means it really COULD happen to anyone.
Also, I still consider you one of the very best time managers/rememberers I know.
Therefore, I will continue to ask you to remind me things that I will forget.