Monday, February 27, 2012

This is how I get when I'm alone

On Saturday we packed a lot and drove to Home Depot and then drank some wine. The floors. They're mostly really lovely, but there are two "fixes" that were done that are now bigger problems than before and hopefully the Man and the contractor are dealing with those today.

Sunday the Man got up early to go skiing and I was home alone watching conspiratorial-spy-type shows on Netflix with the shades drawn. When I watch hours and hours of that stuff by myself I find that when I eventually DO go outside, I'm super suspicious and paranoid about the people I pass on the street. You know what cures feelings like that? Cupcakes and beer and theatre at a bar. That's what. I love it so much when you just plan to go out to look around thrift stores and buy bread but someone texts you basically saying "awesome stuff is happening only a few feet from where you are" and then you buy 2 cupcakes to share and go to the place where the stuff is happening. THAT is why life here is good.*

Also, the Man came back last night instead of tonight so that was nice too. He missed me probably - because I'm such a delight to be with and I stay at home cleaning and packing even if other people go skiing.

*Another reason why this place is cool: while walking along the bike path I saw a guy on a unicycle and instead of being like"OHMYGARD! I must get a picture of this totally crazy rare site!" I said to myself "Hey. It's unicycle guy".

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