Monday, February 6, 2012

Hi, again.

I'm back from Malta. My Dad is out of the hospital and recovering (though he will have to continue taking medication for blood clots). We've got a renter for the new house's first floor and are still working on myriad projects upstairs in the new place. The Patriots lost the Superbowl.
There. I think you're just about caught up.

Here are some pictures of the Malta trip. Malta is beautiful, in a sun-bleached-stone-buildings-and-caf├ęs-next-to-stormy-waters sort of way. The people were all friendly (as they frequently are when you're tipping them or staying in their resort) and the food was delicious. If you're going I recommend the seafood, steak, or rabbit.

We started each day with a hearty breakfast made of EVERYTHING available at the hotel buffet. It was expensive, but I'll be damned if the goat cheese wasn't creamy, the croissants flaky, and the fruit succulent.

Then we'd go sight-seeing. This is a typical giant stone wall with a dude's head in it. Actually, that's my brother up there on the right.

Then we'd go somewhere and drink several pints of the local beer, Cisk.
We also occasionally played games, like "Who sucks what"

Apparently, we each suck a lot of different things.
Luckily, I suck the least offensive things:

like: turtles, traffic, tarriffs, and tarpaulins. Could be worse.
So that's that. We went. We did some things. We came back. YAY, vacation! 

(Possibly more pictures later when I extract them from my camera...)

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