Thursday, January 26, 2012


My Dad didn't have surgery yesterday. Instead, they've scheduled it for 9:30am today. It should take about 4 hours. When I talked to my Dad yesterday he sounded pretty grumpy and curt. I mentioned it to my Mom and brother when I talked to them and though it was not my intention they must have said something to him about it because he called me back to say that he was happy to talk to me but periodically people come into his room and jab him with needles and it's pretty annoying and can make a man grumpy and curt. OF COURSE IT DOES. So, yeah, I managed to make that about me.

Then last night at rehearsal I actually barked at a guy who stepped on my line. I didn't mean to, it just so happened that I used the same voice I use when I catch one of the cats up on the counter. It was way loud and a bit embarrassing.

And, later today I will leave for a vacation, la la la, while my Mom drives back and forth to and from the hospital to be with my sick Dad.

I had better do something awesome and generous and benevolent soon. I'll work on that.

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die Frau said...

It's ok. I think your dad sounding grumpy and curt means he's alert...I'd be more worried if he sounded not at all like himself (you know what I mean--I don't mean to imply your dad is generally unpleasant).

Enjoy Malta. Have fun with J and give him a hug from me. Don't feel guilty about going. You need this trip to rejuvenate yourself and have some calm. Do some of the things you loved last year and a few new things.

We're all here, lovely.