Friday, November 11, 2011

Trying to do better

Inspired by Ouiser's post, I am also going to work on eating better (more vegetables, fewer processed monstrosities). I make this promise to myself at least twice a week, but this time it will stick.
But: I'm grandfathering in the 1/5 pack of REDHOTS that are in my car and the chocolate bar in my refrigerator. Other than that, I'm going to eat healthy foods. Nothing from the FREE candy machine at work (I know! it's like they want us to get diabetes!) or the subsidized vending machine.



EDITED TO ADD: I do have several social outings in the next couple of weeks that involve food and food products. I can probably manage to eat pretty well but in one case the gathering specifically involves eating Caesar salad and anchovy pizza. So, we'll have to grandfather that in, too. Thanks. I just wanted to bring that up in the spirit of full disclosure. I'll keep you up to date on this since I'm sure you have nothing better to do than monitor my eating habits. Perhaps next week we'll talk about digestion! Weeeeee!


feather nester said...

Have you read Clean Eating magazine? I'm a big devotee. Also, I'm not recommending you do the whole thing as you don't need any weight loss, but some of the principles of the Dukan Diet, in the later phases, when people are maintaining their weight, might appeal to you. Think big picture, not details. Both are pretty "clean" ways to eat, and both focus on a lot of produce, especially veggies. Both are pretty much what I strive for and I always feel better and tend to drop a few pounds when I do so.

Leslie said...

I have checked out Clean Eating, and it is indeed quite reasonable. I will check out the Dukan Diet. Thanks!

I do always feel better when I'm eating right, but cupcakes and bacon and potato chips... so... tempting...

Shelley said...

I am also trying to eat better, so we can reinforce each other's virtue at our dinner date.