Monday, October 31, 2011


Happy Halloween yous guys.
I feel like Halloween is so much different now than when I was little, walking around the neighborhood in my brother's hand-me-down Yoda costume.

Here's what I like about Halloween:
-It's silly, and funny, and people dress up like anything they want
-FREE candy everywhere
-Halloween decorations are pretty fun
-It's horror movie time

Here's what I really don't like about Halloween:
-So many costumes involve exposed flesh and I get so miserable and cold.
-There's too much pressure to come up with some great costume (yes there is). This turns something that should be fun into something that causes me stress. And I already manufacture so many reasons to be stressed that I don't need another one...
-Too many slutty girl costumes. It doesn't have to be like that, ladies. You can wear pants.

But I'll try not to be a killjoy. Have a great time. Eat candy. My teeth hurt just thinking about it.

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Sarah Berry said...

I totally agree about the costume-pressure thing. I feel like you either have to be willing to spend weeks making some fabulous DIY costume, or you have to be willing to spend about $75. I was VERY happy that in my preggo state I didn't have to dress up this year.

Also - a total rant on the slut thing - we went to buy the TWO YEAR OLD a ladybug costume because that's what she said she wanted to be...

In case you can't recall, ladybugs and round and puffy and bug-like and the TWO YEAR OLD custom was literally what a college girl would wear if she were going to be a "ladybug." It was all spandex leotard, a mini tutu, and NO polka dots anywhere except about 4 on the wings.

We were horrified and turned to the internet to save us with a puffy, non-sexual ladybug costume. Thankfully we found one, but G*D DAMNIT, American Culture!! REALLY??