Thursday, September 29, 2011

Memories, two of them

Last night the Man and I went, for the last time, to Gargoyles in Davis Square. It's closing*. About three and a half years ago, the Man and I were there with a colleague, B, and the lovely J and we got pretty darn drunk and one thing lead to another and we declared our "like" for each other and a beautiful** relationship was born. I hadn't really thought of it that way until the Man said that and I almost choked on my delicious Hendrick's gin and proseco cocktail***. I was surprised that he would come up with so sentimental a thought but there it is. I drank that last drink to the relationship-propelling power of delicious specialty cocktails****. Thanks for the memories, Gargoyles.

After dinner we watched Zodiac, which neither of us had either seen. I fully expected one or both of us to fall asleep, but it was really good! I'm not really giving anything away to say that at a certain point in the movie, the killer indicates that he might take out a bus of school children, and the next day as Jake Gylenhaal's character is putting his son on the bus, he kind of freaks and decides to drive him to school instead. At that moment I was reminded very clearly of when I had just moved to Boston, and there was an accident in a tunnel near the airport***** where a woman was killed in her car. It was national news and my parents called me, worried to death that I was the woman in the accident. I thought they were so crazy since I am just one person in a whole city and why would they think it was me? But for some reason watching the scene with that character and his son made me understand completely. Is that weird? I guess you never stop being a parent who worries about your kid. Even if your kid is 29 years old.

*It actually closed last week but then it opened again for one post-closing-final hurrah, Wed-Sat.
**It's beautiful now. In the beginning it was more secretive and clumsy...
***It's called a Backyard and it also has St. Germain and muddled cucumber. YUM!
****So yes, I am now drinking to drinks.
****It was a Big-Dig related accident where a concrete ceiling piece fell on a woman's car. Terrible.

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