Monday, September 26, 2011

Futurama and Adventureland

There are two things that I like so much and I can't get over about Futurama, which I have just started watching on Netflix as I'm getting ready in the morning:

1. Characters frequently say: "we're pretty much boned." Simple and straightforward. Also, hilarious.

2. Dr. Zoidberg, the lobster dude, refers to Bender as a robot, but he doesn't pronounce it RO-BOT like everyone does, he pronounces it RO-but. Every time I crack up.

Holy crap you guys have you seen the movie Adventureland? It's so so very good and sad and sweet and real-ish. I have loved several teenage-y movies (Juno, Clueless, Dazed and Confused, Empire Records) but at no time have I ever felt an actual kinship with the characters or been sucked into the reality of the plot. Adventureland made me remember quite acutely what it was like to be late-teens/early-twenties and all of the cruddy stuff that happens relationship-wise. Even the Man was affected by it (and I have rarely seen that happen). I highly suggest watching it.
Jesse Eisenberg is a surprisingly good man-boy (I don't find him attractive but I am put into a near trance by his jaw-line and cheek bones) and Kristen Stewart is wonderfully vulnerable and real. Ryan Reynolds has never been less attractive or more spot on. Oh! Oh it was good! If you've ever felt the angsty-angst of being unloved, or loved, or used, or embarrassed, or punched in the face, you'll probably really like this movie.

In other news, the Man spent a good amount of time fixing up the laundry area and then I flooded the basement when I didn't notice that the washer was leaking. I am a rock star. I also got tipsy at lunch with M and then went home* and brought up marriage and life-goals. You know you wish I was your girlfriend!

*But hey! I also brought the Man a delicious Italian sandwich he could eat while I talked about the future, so it wasn't all bad**. I am a passable girlfriend.
**The conversation was fine and the Man was kind of even the one to bring it up because he could tell I was thinking about it***. Because apparently I get glassy eyed and look into the distance and smirk****.
***Because we know each other now! It's been three months of living together - what else could we possibly have to learn?? You know?
****Or that could be the two mimosas I had with lunch.

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