Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Disaster area

I should have caution tape. When I came home last night from having an after-rehearsal drink* with the theatre peeps, I found THIS** pile on MY side of the bedroom:
I definitely made a not happy sound when I saw it. The Man indicated that the bedroom had been through some sort of closet-avalanche*** and that we were all powerless against it. He said he was just happy we were both safe. I found this very cute, but still messy. As of this morning the pile is still there. On my side.

*I had a Delerium Tremens and also lots of olives, bread, and french fries. Dinner! Delightful conversation! I'm social!!
**Note: I took this picture this morning. Because the Man apparently enjoys cave-living, this is as bright as the bedroom ever gets. Sometimes I feel like a mole.
***Avalanches like this can occur when instead of folding clothes and laying them in piles you shove them all in a tiny space in the top of the closet and then take out each individual piece like Jenga.

The Man did say he would pick up the pile. I asked if he would do it all at once of if he would just wear one avalanche-shirt a day until they were all gone...
Only time will tell.


gilana said...

Wait, rehearsal? What are you in?

Leslie said...

The Big Broadcast - The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. I'm Katrina van Tassel. See you there?

Just Another Idealist said...

I feel like the shirt-a-day version is more likely.

gilana said...

Not sure which performance I can make it to yet, but I wouldn't miss it!