Monday, August 15, 2011

Update, and some pictures of a badass

Last Friday I went to the dentist. They poked and prodded me and ripped my gums to shreds with floss and they made me listen to lots of James Ingram :( Plus, I have a broken filling which I have to have replaced tomorrow morning. Boo.

The Man and I anticipated going to his parent's lake cottage, but that never actually materialized since we felt like we had a bunch to do. Friday night his parents and grandmother came for a visit and we grilled chicken kabobs (lovingly marinated and assembled by the good people at Whole Foods). We went to bed and slept in until the late late hour of 8:30! "Where has the day gone?" we cried to each other as we leaped out of bed. We ended up going to Home Depot and buying some up-down shades for the windows that face the street so we don't ALWAYS have to keep the curtains closed. We also ordered a washer and dryer. They were the same ones I was going to get originally at Lowe's but I canceled my order because the good-old-boy salesman was kind of a misogynist dinosaur...

After spending all of the money ever on home improvements, we did a lot to organize the storage set-up in the basement. I found some old pictures in a box and they were irresistible. Here's my mom in the sixties:
This was taken in Czechoslovakia. That's my grandfather (whom I barely knew but was apparently beloved by all children and animals) holding her up.
She doesn't look terribly daring in this picture, but my mom was apparently one of the first ladies in her neighborhood to wear pants. SCANDAL!
And this is my favorite; it was taken in Italy in 1962. My mom is on the right and her cousin Lea on the left. From the stories my mom tells, they used to go everywhere together and have adventures. She also told me they were trying to look badass in this picture. Notice my mother's saucily dropped strap? I don't think I ever met Lea (at least not when I was old enough to remember). She died pretty young of cancer, unfortunately. A lot of that in the fam.

So, that's where I come from. I'll try to sift through the pictures of my dad and find one where he's not wearing plaid polyester shorts and black socks with sandals...


Just Another Idealist said...

You look a lot like your mom in the 2nd pic. Wow. Also, I'm pretty sure you should ONLY post the pics of your dad wearing plaid, polyester & socks/sandles. You know, for the sake of historical accuracy!

die Frau said...

@JAI Right? I was going to point that out, too, the resemblance.