Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I hope you had a lovely weekend. I had a busy weekend for sure. First, we got this great new couch:
 Yeah! Pretty sweet, right? I KNOW you're jealous. It's a sleeping bag I bought in 1996. The Man and I got rid of his old couch and planned on ordering a new one but HEY! It's out of stock until the end of the month. Boo. Boo says I.

Apparently, this couch is cozy enough for some to fall asleep. And, if I'm being honest, I fell asleep on it Sunday night too.
 My bro and I watched a bunch of Game of Thrones Sunday morning/afternoon. After six hours, my butt did start to hurt from all that "couch" time. But DUDE, GAME OF THRONES: Yes.

Other than that down time I spent most of the weekend doing things and going places and cleaning but you don't want to hear about that because those things are boring. Especially the cleaning: so much cleaning. At one point yesterday, the Man and I just looked at each other and agreed to go OUTSIDE and get something to eat and drink. We went to Orleans and it was good.
 Then we came home and the cats decided to come and hang out. So we all watched some of Season 2 of The Wire, which continues to be bad ass as hell.
 I got some of the tons of mint that's growing at the side of the house and squeezed some limes and we had some refreshing drinks. And the Man studied for his test in September. And I studied my Shakespeare for September (I've memorized up to page 14! Only 80 more pages to go!). And a good time was had by all.
Now for a shorty work week.


EDITED TO ADD: Conversation had with Starbucks barista dude on Monday during a Lowe's run to look at washers/dryers

The Man: You have a size bigger than a venti for iced coffees?
Leslie: It's a trente - 30 ounces.
Barista: Yup. It's actually more fluid than the average stomach can hold at one time. I looked it up.
Man: Wow. I think I'll stick with the venti...
Leslie: Good move. I don't want to see you after that much caffeine.
Barista: Ha!


kirida said...

In my first apartment, I had an inflatable couch. Like an air mattress but in couch form. I hope you get a real couch soon because then you could watch more TV in a comfortable way.

And are those mojitos? I love them. They're like, healthy, or something.

Leslie said...

Mojitos: full of vitamin M!!