Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Winners, kind of...

Prologue: I recently ate a small bag of Lay's potato chips, and now I inexplicably feel like I'm going to die. In case I die, know my last thoughts were of revenge against the Lay's company. I don't know why you turned on me, Frito-Lay!!!

Anyway. Trivia.

After work yesterday I went to my brother's hotel (I can't disclose which hotel because then he will be literally mobbed with fans and stalkers) for HOTEL lobby bar TRIVIA!

Here's a picture of the bar's condiment area. I wanted a Sapporo. They didn't have Sapporo. I wanted a super-spicy Bloody Mary. They use a mix so they can't make 'em spicy. I settled for a Hendricks with soda and lime. It did its job. I should have gotten in on some of that mint, though. Eh, hindsight...

Here are some absurdly spicy wasabi peas. While I was chewing one I accidentally breathed some of the molecules into my breathing tubes and it hurt. But I persevered. I will not be brought down by wasabi!
After almost-but-not being taken down by these peas, my brother and I answered many many questions. At half-time, they have a bunch of questions on one sheet of paper with lots of pictures. This time our set of pictures was of commercials from the 2011 Superbowl. We had to indicate the product being marketed. Now, for once in my life I actually kind of watched the Superbowl, so I wracked my brain trying to think of what the commercials were for: Doritos, VWs, whatever... My brother, on the other hand was writing things like: anal thermometers.

Anal thermometer commercials. During the Superbowl. Yup.

Despite, or possibly because of this, we came in third out of seven or eight teams. We won a car freshener and a cd with crappy music. Sooooo. Yeah. That was pretty cool. I wonder what we'd get if we won first place. Maybe a pair of anal thermometers?

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