Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekend update

It's wrong to wake up with a hangover and the first thing you hear on the radio is that it's going to rain all week. Wrong.

So you guys, I'm almost done with my chair at my upholstery class. Next week I should be taking it home (or to the Man's since why would I move the thing twice?). But I am excited and scared. I hope it turns out ok. I spent a little time on Sunday fixing up the legs:
I told the Man I was going to sand them and then use the Restore-A-Finish and Feed-N-Wax I bought but he suggested I clean them off with solvent instead of sanding them, and that it might work better without wrecking the finish. He was correct! I used nail polish remover (for the acetone) and they cleaned right up and then the other products made them all gorgeous and shiny. Just look at that box-o-legs! (The tape is to remind me of their position on my chair and ottoman. Labeling prevents mistakes!)

On Sunday I also went to IKEA with J. It was drizzly so everyone in the world also went to IKEA, but that didn't put a damper on our fun. We ate $.50 hot dogs and fondled the merchandise and in the end bought a perfectly reasonable amount of goods. It was a super time*.

I topped off Sunday night with dinner and wine and SCRABBLE with the Man. We talked a lot about the housing situation ahead of us, and fantasized about an internal tunnel system for the cats to wander through his apartment without needing tending...
We laughed and drank lots of wine. I know there isn't lots of wine in this glass but that's because it was all in my belly.
I had to drink all of that wine because I kept getting letter combinations like this:
It was either this or: X Z P Q N N N

REALLY?? It's hard to make words from that**.

Anyway, I won, but it was a brutal game and we were tired from all the thinking and wine drinking. Now I wish I could take a nap at my desk. But, they frown upon that here. Sad...

*Yes, J, it's possible that I'm simply not mentioning the incident when we were walking around the lighting section and I saw a small child scurrying across the floor and I was CERTAIN that this child was actually a rabid animal of some kind and I stopped and gasped and did that protective thing where my arm shoots out to shield the person I'm with. No one needs to know I'm that peculiar.

**I know there are words to be made from it, but I'm just saying that it is a challenge.

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I really wasn't going to say anything about that incident...