Monday, May 23, 2011

Some things

This is what the Man and I had for dinner on Friday evening. It's salmon (and some delicious vegetables), which I am pleased to say I broiled to motherfucking perfection. That doesn't usually happen - I usually over-broil the salmon slightly which always pisses me off. But this. This was perfect.

After dinner we went to see some friends and watch the awful 80s movie Hot Dog ...the movie. Terrible soft-porn skiing movie. We had a great time.

Saturday was an extremely beautiful day. It was the kind of day where everyone in Massachusetts loves everyone else because it's sunny for the first day in forever and I got to wear a dress and eat lunch outside! Those days are good.

Sunday I had a nice breakfast with the Man and my brother, who is delightfully effusive with his compliments when you make him food, which just makes me want to make him more food so that I can get more compliments. This is the kind of feedback loop where everyone wins, you know?

I also had a really nice moment discussing the move with the Man. We're close - five weeks close. As I talked about some of the things I have to get straight before then, he listened. He responded to me without trying to change the subject or minimize the proximity of the event. He even added some more ideas of his own. He's pretty good at that - getting over his initial hesitation when getting over it is what's required. I'm even starting to have some fun figuring out what I'll do with some things.

EDITED TO ADD: I should say that I am no longer afraid of driving a moving van over to the Man's only to find that I am not allowed to move in. I put this squarely in the category of "progress".

Also, I've been completely inspired by The Trephine. She pared down her possessions until everything she owned fit into her Honda. And she's happier for it. That's not to say I want to do that, or that I could do it, but I like the idea. I do love paring down and simplifying.

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