Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bridesmaids? Wha?

I don't get cable tv. I don't want to pay for it, and after I moved to MA five years ago and didn't know which channels were which I kind of gave up on most shows. There's too much reality programming anyway. I watch Castle* on Hulu and I Netflix DVDs of a couple of other shows, but I miss out on all of the "did you see that commercial" or "OMG I have to see that new movie".

I've seen a lot of posts on Facebook about a movie called Bridesmaids. A lot of people I know have seen it (and generally seem not to like it much).

The first thing I thought was: Why the fuck would anyone want to see a movie called Bridesmaids? Aren't you asking for a whiny bridezilla and miserable girlfriends (and perhaps a milquetoast husband-to-be with friends who want him desperately NOT to marry the bridezilla because she'll totally wreck the gang)?

Then I went to imdb and saw why: Kristen Wiig. Oh! I love her so much! So I think it's best that I not see this movie**. Unless you've seen it and LOVED it. If so, please let me know***.

*Nathan Fillion: you are so fine. Never stop making shows. And maybe wear pants less frequently?

**It's just that because there are SO MANY movies, they're mostly super-predictable with all the same jokes and slightly different characters. I think it's hard to find a REALLY good movie anymore. They exist; there just aren't a lot of them compared to the actual amount of movies being made.
Thoughts? Am I full of it? Do you REALLY want to see another rom-com with Reese Witherspoon as the plucky Southern heroine who just wants to get her interior design business off the ground and Paul Rudd as the jaded but brilliant preppy business man who just doesn't have time for love (damnit!) but does need a good decorator. Each of them has a terrible secret, but can they overcome their pasts for love? Yes! Of course they can. And in only 112 minutes!

***Keeping in mind that dick-and-fart jokes aren't all that funny to me and certainly cannot carry the movie... Thanks.


Scarlet Lily said...

I am on board with hating most female movies and also not being entertained by fart jokes, but Kristin Wiig was brilliant.

It kept getting compared to Hangover, which set me up to expect something a little different, but I still thought it was genuinely smart and funny.

The difference is that the Hangover was super fast and action packed between the jokes, and this is more calm and character-driven between the jokes. So if you go in expecting the right thing, I think you'll enjoy it. Melissa McCarthy is also comic gold.

There was one small period of time where I felt like "ok, get your shit together" when they took the "my life is kind of falling apart around me" thing a smidge further than I was willing to go, but still...

It was genuinely funny and worth seeing in my opinion.

Leslie said...


Anonymous said...

It's not my kind of movie at all, but I am thinking about seeing it because I want to see more female-authored comedies (about female experiences). Hollywood is a deeply, deeply sexist place, and apparently the funding on a lot of future female-driven projects is actually dependent on this film's performance. They're just *looking* for an excuse to say "See? Female-authored/female-starring/female-audience-driven movies JUST DON'T MAKE MONEY, SRRY, KTHXBAI."

Leslie said...

Arg. That's a good point. Ok I'm seeing it. To support the sisterhood...

Just Another Idealist said...

The only people I know who had anything bad to say about it were Jess & Ryan. Overall, the consensus seems to be that it's good. Still, since it's not a movie where effects & sound matter, I'll be Netflixing it sometime in the Fall.