Friday, April 29, 2011


Ha! That's word play, I really meant catch-up. I am so clever! No? Oh. Ok, sorry.

So! Some things!

1. THIS:
Is a combination of two of my favorite things ever from etsy. It's a mid-century wooden orb that I've had for a little while and a tillandsia (air plant). These plants need hardly any water and they don't need to be planted. They are extremely low maintenance and yet I have managed to kill two. I'm hopeful about this one, though. Please don't let my black thumb strike again...

2. On Wednesday the Man and I went to a froofy pizza place that I like. They had a pizza that we found intriguing - wild ramp with bacon and farm fresh egg. I thought that the egg might be weird, but he suggested that it was likely hard boiled egg crumbled on top. Well ok.
NO! That would make sense! This was an egg that had been cracked on top of the middle of the pizza in the last moments of cooking. It was mostly still raw. Luckily, as I hoisted my piece of the plate, most of the snotty egg white rolled off the slice. LAME. I have been wary of the recent "farm fresh egg" trend in restaurants around here and this is exactly why. Just writing this has made me nauseated. Bah!

3. Yesterday I did something fun that apparently I can't really discuss or blog about. I can say that I am a "schmextra" in a "schmovie". It was a super long day, but really fun. I'm doing it again on Monday and Tuesday.

4. This guy:
Get that motherfucking snake off our motherfucking walk!

Killed a snake on my front walkway. I know, BADASS, right? He also worked some kind of crazy cat magic to get the giant cat food bag to fall down from the top shelf in the closet to the floor where he proceeded to mine it all night while I slept. Damn it! But, at least I slept...

5. Have a great weekend. I'm going to re-upholster some furniture tomorrow and then I hope to bounce around the Somerville Open Studios art thing (I say thing because I don't know if there's a word for lots of artists opening their homes to sell you their art, on the same two days. I guess it's "open studios"...).



Ouiser said...

art crawl...that what we call it 'round here :)

Leslie said...

ART CRAWL. Yes. That's it exactly. Thank you.

Plus, to me, the word "crawl" indicates that there could be multiple beers along the way. You know, so you pace yourself with all that art...

lillibet said...

The egg-on-pizza thing is (or at least was) popular street food in Paris and my dad (who cannot pass up a fried egg) just had to have one...and was then sick for three days. I've noticed this on a couple of menus lately (yesterday they tried to give me a fried egg on my *burger*) and just shudder with the memory of listening to poor Dad retch.

Enjoy your weekend, you movie star, you!

Leslie said...

Yes. I sympathize. I was... mildly unwell after the egg :(