Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Long weekend wrap-up

This past weekend was very good for doing things, but less good for making things.

First, the doing of things:
I set certain goals for myself for things I want to get done over the weekend. I do this pretty much every weekend. Most weekends I get a few things done. I almost never get everything done. This weekend I did all of the things. I went to yoga Saturday, Sunday and Monday, and I did my taxes. Also on my list was "make homemade moisturizer, which I kind of did, only the results were icky at best. But YOGA! And TAXES! And now I'm sore but I know what my tax refund will be, so I'm considering the weekend a win. I also picked up my Man at the airport since he got back from Tahoe yesterday.
Last night we relaxed over tacos with my brother and then we watched Red. Even though Bruce Willis has officially gotten too old to have sex with (for me, you all can go ahead if you like), it's still kind of hot watch him grappling and fighting and shooting with Karl Urban. Dang.

Then, the making of things: I tried to make moisturizer. I failed. I did succeed, however, in making a waxy disc that covered some oily water. So that was cool. For some reason I was completely incapable of keeping the mixture of oil, water and beeswax from separating. I shook the jar several times. The lid wasn't water tight however, so oily/waxy goodness got everywhere in my sink. Yuk.
Also, I saw a recipe for creme brulee that you can make without a kitchen torch. Apparently the broiler of the oven can caramelize the sugar on top. Now I don't even like creme brulee, but my brother loves it, and since he was coming over for tacos I promised I'd make him delicious dessert. Sadly, it was not meant to be. The custard seemed to come out fine, but when i put it in the broiler, nothing happened to the white sugary top, while the custart boiled and separated. Damnit! I cannot keep mixtures mixed. That is the answer. Jeebus help me the next time I try to make cake or something :(

So, the weekend had its successes and failures, but overall, other than wasting some wax, oil, cream and eggs, I'd say I came out ahead. I also saw some friends and music and snow and sleep.

I'm tired just thinking of all the stuff I did, and all the stuff I have yet to do. C'est la vie!

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Just Another Idealist said...

RE: moisturizer. Did they really tell you just to mix oil and water and wax? That does not seem right. You need to figure out a way to get the oil to emulsify, and I don't know how you'd do that without method for VERY vigorous mixing.
RE: Creme Brulee. Clearly, you need a blow torch. Noted.