Friday, February 4, 2011

Catch up post

Last night I was in a performance of The Vagina Monologues. I'm in it again tonight and tomorrow night. I have a few things to say about the performance and The Vagina Monologues in general. Here (In list form! My favorite form!):

1. If you've never seen the VM you should go. You should go because it's empowering and funny and sweet and sad and it will educate you. Even if you already have a vagina and already like vaginas. There's always more to learn.
2. I'd never seen a performance of the VM and I thought it would be all down on penises and man-hatey. It is not. It is wonderful.
3. The women I had the pleasure of performing with last night were truly excellent. And they were not only wonderful on stage, but supportive and loving off stage.
4. I want to do something to stop violence against girls and women. There is so much out there and I feel like I need to commit something. Money? Time? I don't know yet.
5. You don't have to see my performance. Some of you are pretty far away. But, if you do want to see my performance, afterward, we can have this:
This! is cheese enchiladas, chips with salsa and guacamole, and a strawberry margarita at Border Café right next to the church where we perform. G and I went there after the performance last night to wind down and it was delightful. I go have a picture of G saying cheese and holding up a steaming forkful of cheese, but her eyes are closed and that's no way to appear on the internet.

One reason I love the internet today:
In the shower this morning I was thinking about Three's Company, like you do, and I could NOT for the life of me remember the name of the girl between Chrissy and Terry. I know it was Chrissy's cousin, but the only name I kept coming up with was Julie and I knew that was wrong. So, I got into work and Googled that shit. Of course, it's Cindy. I cannot believe I forgot that.

A weather update:
Our Governor Patrick is trying to get the federal government to declare a state of economic emergency in Massachusetts because of all of the damage and spent resources that have resulted from the snow we've gotten. It's been a mess and the more snow we get the less of an opportunity I have to park anywhere near where I live. It sucks a little for me but much more for some other people who have trouble getting to work or who have to replace their roof because we've had a record amount of collapses. Also, tons of kids still aren't in school because of unsafe conditions. We're expecting an additional three inches of snow tomorrow and every time I kick another cruddy grey stalagtite off of my car I want to cry.

That's why it's good that I bought tickets to Aruba the other day. My brother and I head out there for a week at the end of March. That's just eight weeks away. And only five weeks until Daylight Saving starts. That sounds soon but it's not nearly soon enough...

*I'm a little irritated that spell check is constantly telling me that "vaginas" is not a word. It's a fucking plural, computer. How you gonna be so dumb?


die Frau said...

1. If I pay you $50, will you bring an extra heavy suitcase and put me in it so I can go with you to Aruba?

2. Glad the Monologues went so well! I have seen them and felt moved by the performances.

3. "It's Alf. He's back. In Pog form."

Leslie said...

1. YES!
2. They are moving. I found myself crying at totally new parts of the performance last night. And there was lots of laughing, too.
3. I need a soul, Ralph. Any soul. Even your soul.

Wonderland said...

Dude, Aruba is the RIGHT plan and I am SO happy and proud of you for making that decision and just doing it. (needless to say, I'm a seething bowl of mad jealousy right now, but a loving one).