Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow emergency

We've had two snow emergencies so far this winter, and I'm already sick of them.

It started snowing on Tuesday night, and Somerville had preemptively called a snow emergency. So I stayed at the Man's house. Then I couldn't go back to my place since there was NO parking. And, in fact, since there's still a snow emergency I technically still can't go back. I'm only allowed to park on the odd side of the street, and there's no safe place to park that doesn't already have a car in it...

So I stayed with the Man and I may have to use his driveway even though he's in Maine for the next few days.

Things I like about staying with the Man during a snow emergency:
1. I cleaned his place and now his place is clean.*
2. Random snuggles
3. I got to sit on the couch and read a book. For hours.
4. Dishwasher!
5. Even clearing snow was kind of fun because he used the snow blower and I got the easy job of the front and back stairs and then I was done. Easy!

Things I like not so much about staying with the Man during a snow emergency:
1. I cleaned.**
2. Zero kitty snuggles
3. I had to drive to my place twice to feed the cats and check to see if the sidewalk had been shoveled and I parked illegally and dangerously while checking...
4. The shower is a sad drippy thing with little water pressure.
5. It's not my place to turn up the heat so my nose was cold.

*I know this may sound weird. But it needed to be cleaned. And when I was done, he walked through and was all "Wow". And I indicated that the level of clean was a preview of how it would ALWAYS be when we lived together. CLEAN!
**He does not have the proper tools to clean his own home. But, this will change when we merge households!


gilana said...

I hate hate hate having my nose be cold. It's one of the most annoying things about winter.

Just Another Idealist said...

Pantz hates when I put my cold nose on him. Which sucks because warming up my nose (or any other cold part for that matter) on him is one of my favorite things.

Leslie said...

It's like boy necks WERE MADE for warming up cold girl noses.

Is he trying to flout NATURE??