Monday, December 6, 2010


Oh how I love LOVE love yoga. It makes you stretchy, long and lean, relaxed, warm, mellow. It makes me happy.

Then why oh why do I wait weeks in between going?
I think it's because I actually have to get up and put on yoga clothes and walk to the yoga place and take and hour or two out of my day. But those reasons are stupid. Why? I shall tell you.

Reason the first: I love it but I'm not doing it enough. Excuses be damned, I just need to go more. Do the things you love!

Reason the second: I went yesterday to Sunday noon yoga and it was awesome and wonderful and I felt amazing and loose and athletic and balanced. And when I went to my audition later I felt so grounded and centered. But. This morning when I got out of bed, all of my muscles in the top half of my body wanted nothing more than to take some very heavy sedatives and go back to sleep. OOOOOOOOUCH! It was a very arms-and-back heavy practice and I feel kind of like pooh. So, now, at Monday after work yoga (which must be easier than regular paid-for yoga because even though it seems like a good work out I am never that sore afterward) I will be whimpering and crying and wishing I had something else to do.

If I went more regularly, this would not be an issue. I know, because I used to go all the time (when I was unemployed) and I was rarely if ever sore. I need to get back into that. Besides, it's a great way to stay warm in the hideous cold weather. When I got out of the shower this morning I turned the radio on and they said it was 24 degrees. GAH! All of my insides tense and cringe* when I hear that. I want to put on layers of flannel and wool and start making gallons of hot tea.

But here I am at work. Perhaps I should do some work...

*Can your organs cringe? I know intestines can cringe... Perhaps a medical professional can weigh in on this one...?

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